Eat Like a Champion


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It’s hard enough keeping up with all the nutritional needs for kids–not to mention actually getting them to actually eat many of these foods. But with athletic kids, there’s even more to pay attention to! So the unfortunate fact is, most young athletes are not eating properly to compete–too many convenient but empty calories that are actually doing them more harm than good. As a result, these young athletes are losing energy when they should be increasing it, feeling deterred when they should be motivated, and actually decreasing muscle mass when they need it more than ever.

Fortunately, with the right nutrition, young athletes can increase their energy, bolster their motivation, gain muscle mass, overcome fatigue, and improve their performance. But how can a parent begin to get their athlete on the right track?

Eat Like a Champion, written by a registered dietitian who specializes in child and adolescent nutrition, is the must-read resource for every parent of active kids ages eight through eighteen. In it, parents will find help in:
• Tailoring diets for training, competition, and even off-season
• Finding the best food options, whether at home or on the go
• Addressing counterproductive or unhealthy patterns
• Understanding where supplements, sports drinks, and performance-enhancing substances do–and don’t–fit in
• And more

Complete with charts, recipes, and practical meal and snack ideas that can help athletic youngsters eat to win, this invaluable resource just may be the difference-maker in your athlete’s next game!