Every Woman in the Bible


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The women in the Bible speak powerfully to us today.

The notable men in God's drama of redemption tend to be more familiar to us. Yet biblical women play vital, exiting roles in the plan of salvation. Every Woman in the Bible gives much-needed attention to all women mentioned in the Bible, from those with major roles in God's plan of salvation to those who are never named.

From the struggles of Rebekah and Rachel to the faithfulness of Mary and Martha, and from the ruthless to the remarkable, from the most obscure to the most well-known, this volume vividly portrays the lives and experiences of Bible women. Every Woman in the Bible combines the following features to accurately explain who these biblical women were and the times in which they lived:

Organization by period of Bible history
Historical research on women in family, society, and church
Insights from ancient cultures, including laws, beliefs, and customs regarding women
Charts & illustrations
Topical & scripture indexes
Overview & discussion of each woman in the Bible
Discussion of each biblical woman’s contribution
Powerful life lessons for today
These elements combine for an exceptional reference for studying biblical women. Every Woman in the Bible is also a valuable resource for any Christian woman who yearns to learn more about her own significance and purpose in God's story, giving her life-changing wisdom she can share with others.