Power: A Biblical Balance on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit


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Originally published as Charisma vs. Charismania, Pastor Chuck Smith’s book offers a penetrating insight into the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. With a new introduction by Pastor Skip Heitzig, Powerpresents a Biblical balance on the presence of the Holy Spirit within the church today. 

With many within Christendom continuing to go beyond the guidelines outlined in the Bible concerning the Holy Spirit, Poweris a clarion call to build a solid foundation on God’s Word, allowing the text—by the power of the Holy Spirit—to transform the church’s life and practices. 

As Pastor Skip Heitzig notes in the introduction, “In the following pages, Chuck provides a biblical, balanced understanding of this subject about which so many believers lack clarity. He'll talk more about who the Holy Spirit is, how He works in our lives in the present day, and how we can respond to Him—namely, by being filled with the Spirit and exercising spiritual gifts, one example of which is speaking in tongues. Whatever your view of the Holy Spirit, or even if you're not sure what your view is, you're in for an excellent, enlightening read.”