Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age


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Despite all the care available to us, our society is more concerned about health than ever. Increased technology and access to health care give us the illusion of control but can never deliver us from the limitations of our bodies.

In Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age, physician and professor, Dr. Bob Cutillo exposes the copious ways our society has made an idol out of controlling our health and aids readers in cultivating a biblical understanding of the relationship between faith and health in the modern age, reorienting us to a wiser pursuit of health for the good of all. Drawing from decades of medical experience in many different contexts, especially those contexts that do not fit in any neat picture of affluent flourishing, Cutillo invites us into a redeemed and renewed vision of health care and a hope that is more secure than our physical wellness–hope with the power to transform our communities so that we might begin to lead what the apostle Paul called, "the life that really is life" (1 Tim. 6:19).