Unshakable Series


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With the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma heading towards Florida, we are witnessing the full power storms can possess.

There is another storm currently raging, too, and every believer is in its path. We have all experienced the tide of tolerance towards Christians changing for the worse as it is becoming harder and harder to live out our faith without persecution. Even here in America the winds are blowing and all indicators are this storm will get much worse before it gets better.

It may not surprise you to hear the early church dealt with the same thing. Peter writes about this very thing, believers persecuted for faith. And what we see is the encouragement and the ability to stand strong, even in the midst of the storm of the world; to be a light piercing even the darkest of skies.

With over 5 hours of audio teaching, join us as we walk through this series looking at Peter's encouragement to believers in the storm, and develop an UNSHAKABLE faith that can withstand the worst storms the world can bring.