Victory: Overcoming our Enemies


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Vietnam War Veteran, Raul Ries through personal experiences as a two Purple Heart Marine on the battlefields of Vietnam relates real-life insights of warfare. As if he were back walking point, Raul takes Disciples of Christ on a mission leading them through difficult, spiritual battlefields embedded with danger. With military expertise and precision, he warns, exhorts & encourages every believer to discern for themselves who their enemy is. He also teaches Christians how to effectively use their spiritual weapons to overcome their common enemies, equipping them to live a life of victory. This book is written not only for mature believers who often engage the enemy––but also for new believers––new recruits entering the spiritual battlefield for the first time. Will you survive spiritual warfare or become a tragic casualty? Are you living a life of victory, or do you find yourself in constant defeat? There are many books written on spiritual warfare, but nothing like this book, VICTORY!