When Church Conflict Happens: A Proven Process for Resolving Unhealthy Disagreements and Embracing Healthy Ones


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You Don’t Have to Dread Conflict

Every church will experience conflict at some point. But it doesn’t have to destroy you. In fact, conflict can be an incredible opportunity, if you know how to seize it. Unfortunately, very few churches use the opportunity well, but your church can.

Michael Hare, PhD, has been helping churches recover (and even grow) from conflict for over 20 years, and now he can help you too. Learn:

how to recognize healthy and unhealthy conflicts
what the five levels of conflict are and why they matter
how to design an action plan that will succeed
how to prevent unhealthy conflict before it begins
With copious case studies and practical tools, you’ll find it’s surprisingly manageable to develop these new skills. Learn to lead confidently in the face of conflict and invest in your church’s future today.

PLUS! Additional Resources in the back include:

Conflict management Style Survey
Conflict Assessment Tools
Interview Questions for Assessing Conflict
and more!